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4-14-10 Urge Gov. Patrick to sign House Bill 344 now, without changes!

Her vocal cords were cut to stifle her voice.

You can spare other animals the same cruel fate:

Urge Gov. Patrick to sign House Bill 344 now, without changes!

ALERT WRITER: Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets, an unfunded, all-volunteer network in Massachusetts,

BACKGROUND: Logan’s Law (House Bill 344), sponsored by Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets, is a state law that would prohibit the cruel practice of devocalization of dogs and cats, cutting vocal cords to stifle or remove the voice. It would allow vocal cord surgery on dogs and cats only to treat disease, injury or birth defects.

The MA House of Representatives passed this humane legislation 155-1 in March. The Senate followed, passing it resoundingly on April 1. It’s now on the desk of Gov. Deval Patrick, waiting for his signature. Without your voice, that may not happen.

Lobbies with a financial interest in devocalization—including dog breeders—are pressuring the governor to veto or change the bill, to protect their profits.  Your voice is needed to remind him: the vast majority of Massachusetts residents want this humane bill to become law now.

TAKE ACTION NOW TO PREVENT A VETO OR REWRITE! It’s an election year. If ever you had the power it make a difference, it’s now.

1. MOST IMPORTANT: CALL 1-888-870-7770 DAY OR NIGHT. While it’s most effective to speak with a person, you can press “1” to leave a recorded message if the only time you can call is after hours.

2. ALSO SEND AN EMAIL to the Governor by clicking on this link (or copy and paste it into your browser), then scrolling down to “EMAIL FORM.”

  • Provide your name and the town you live in–as always, Massachusetts residents only.
  • Then say in your own words: “I speak for many people in urging Gov. Patrick to sign House Bill 344, to protect dogs and cats from devocalization. Massachusetts shouldn’t tolerate this act of cruelty!”
  • Please keep it brief and polite.

Animal abuse by any name hurts.

After their vocal cords are cut, some dogs and cats struggle to breathe, gag and cough uncontrollably, or choke on food and even water the rest of their lives. Others die of heat stroke, aspiration pneumonia–or choke to death. Animals face only pain and risk, no matter how skilled the vet, with no benefit: Devocalized dogs and cats are abandoned like any other. Surgically suppressing their voice is strictly for convenience and greed.

Who would do this to a helpless dog or cat?

  • Breeders, to run businesses when the sound of many dogs is not tolerated by neighbors and authorities—or because they like to profit from but not heart their own animals
  • Show dog exhibitors, to keep dogs quiet in transit between shows
  • Sled-dog racers—Hu kies are a naturally barky breed, and most dogs bark more in a pack
  • Hoarders
  • Rarely, a pet owner—surgery is easier for the owner and more profitable for the vet than proper selection, training and care of companion animals


Meet devocalized dogs:

Hear what animal experts say:


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