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1) Help Sallie And Ellie Find Their Forever
2) Ask Governor To “Pardon” San Diego Seals
3) More Pressure To Free Tina, Jewel, And Queenie
4) No Charges After Chained Dog Roasts Alive In Heat
5) A Truck Stop Is No Place For A Tiger
6) Taylor Swift Has A Voice — What About A Heart?
7) Stop New Primate Breeding Lab In Puerto Rico

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7/10/09: Namibia Seal Slaughter Has One Buyer Left. Stop Him.

7/4/09: Seven Dogs Perish, Trapped Inside Hot Van

7/2/09: Outlaw Dog-Cat Killing Squads In China

6/14/09: NYC To Gas 2,000 Canada Geese, June-July 2009

6/8/09: Protect ALL Downers: Cows, Pigs, Goats, Sheep…

5/21/09: Stop Dog Mutilation In Ohio State University Lab

5/15/09: Shot In The Dark – Australia’s Kangaroo Massacre

1) Help Sallie And Ellie Find Their Forever
ALERT WRITER: Kelly Jenkins,

Photos by Vickie Richeson and courtesy of the Pet Justice Project. Posted by
Cheri Moon, Best Friends staff. Read Officer Petitt’s assessment of the dogs
and more:

BACKGROUND: Kinship Circle member Kelly Jenkins, a former New Orleans
resident, local coordinator for Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), and now an
attorney in Georgia — is on a mission to place two pit bulls saved by a
rural Georgia police officer. Kelly writes: “This officer is an inspiration
to us here in dogfight/neglect country, as he took a chance to save two
grateful and abused dogs.” Can you help Sallie and Ellie find forever?

FULL STORY: Officer who rescued two abused pit bulls tries to find homes…

EXCERPTS (6/30/09, Best Friends Network) — For Officer Bruce Petitt, it was
just a normal day patrolling the town of Wadley, Georgia. But for two very
lucky pit bulls, that June day marked the end of a miserable life tied to a
tree by a four-foot logging chain… The two dogs he found were emaciated
and covered in cuts and scars. They had no shelter, water or food… Even
more disturbing was the sight of a litter of dead puppies just out of reach
of the dogs. “The dog that is now called Ellie had the puppies. They died
because…she couldn’t get to her babies.” says Petitt.

Wadley has no animal control or shelters, but…the two dogs were brought to
the local veterinarian clinic… “Nobody had ever attempted to prosecute an
animal abuse case in this county… Luckily, with a little bit of Internet
research I found a guide for law enforcement that explained how to
successfully prosecute animal abuse,” says Petitt…

Today, Ellie and Sallie are loving, safe dogs reveling in the discovery of
human interaction and love. Pettit says, “My boys (ages 7 and 5) and I go to
the vet clinic and handle them and walk them around, and the dogs lick and
love and do everything that a good dog should do.” Officer Pettit believes
the dogs were born to be family pets and encourages people looking for a
loyal, loving dog to consider these two ladies.

CONTACT Kelly Jenkins:, 478-589-7264

Kelly Jenkins: “I am presently trying to find foster and/or permanent
placement for these two. I believe I have one placed in Oregon and continue
to work to find forever for the second. Local rescues donated the dogs’
spays, along with money toward their heartworm treatment. We also have
volunteers standing by to transport these two to their happily ever after.”

2) Ask Governor To “Pardon” San Diego Seals
ALERT WRITER: Barb Dunsmore,
Protect the harbor seals of La Jolla: Help Seal the Deal.

BACKGROUND: In our last FRIENDS OF KINSHIP CIRCLE newsletter, we told you
about tiny Casa Beach (the Children’s Pool) in La Jolla, California —
famous for its colony of harbor seals. The seals’ home has been threatened
since swimmers sued the City of San Diego and won. The 2005 ruling from a
state court judge orders the city to dredge the sand on which seals rest, to
return it to its 1931 condition as a “bathing pool.” You were asked to help
pass SB-428, legislation to add the language “marine mammal park for the
enjoyment and educational benefit of children” that could save the seals.

UPDATE: SB 428 passed the Assembly 71-0! Now the Governor must sign the bill
into law. Problem: he is only signing bills that are fiscally related.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Governor’s office you support SB 428…and stress that
this bill IS a fiscal issue because it saves San Diego money yearly.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
fax: 916-558-3160, 619-525-4640, 202-624-5280
web mail:
Governor’s staff:,,,,

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger offices:
– State Capitol Building; Sacramento, CA 95814
– San Diego Office: 1350 Front Street, Suite 6054; San Diego, CA 92101
– D.C. Office: 134 Hall of the States; 444 North Capitol St. NW; Washington D.C. 20001

SAMPLE LETTER / Deana Gunn (Kinship Circle did not write this)

Dear Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Please sign Senate Bill SB-428 as soon as possible. SB-428 has no fiscal
considerations to the State, but signing the bill will save the City of San
Diego millions of dollars.

A judge will try to disperse the seal rookery on 7/20/09, the next court
date in Superior Court, without your support and signature on the bill.

Please save this popular tourist attraction and educational treasure. It is
the last harbor seal rookery in Southern California and extremely popular
with residents and visitors to San Diego!


New law promises to bring an end to divisive clash over seals
VIDEO, La Jolla Harbor Seals
Animal Protection and Rescue League

3) More Pressure To Free Tina, Jewel, And Queenie
ALERT WRITER: In Defense Of Animals (IDA),

Tina and Jewel with Cole Bros. Circus. USDA inspectors have documented
Animal Welfare Act violations — multiple ankus abuse wounds, eyewitness
reports of beatings… Yet USDA hasn’t upheld its own confiscation
regulations to ensure no further harm to Tina, Jewel and Queenie.

BACKGROUND: Thanks to all [including Kinship Circle activists!] who
contacted Congress and USDA on behalf of Tina, Jewel and Queenie, elephants
suffering at the hands of their trainer, Will Davenport, a chronic violator
of federal animal welfare law. USDA set up a special team to handle all the
calls. We are confident that only a little more pressure can achieve…

1) Urge your Congressional Representative and Senators to demand that
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s agency confiscate Tina, Jewel and
Queenie and send them to a sanctuary. Ask them to insist that the new
administration correct the USDA’S historic failure to enforce the Animal
Welfare Act in the manner intended when passed four decades ago.
To identify your federal legislators and find contact info, try: –
USA Senate –
USA House of Representatives –
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

2) Remind USDA to take immediate steps to save these elephants. Ms. Wright
oversees animal welfare enforcement at USDA. If her office is reluctant to
take a message, politely explain that she needs to exercise her supervisory
powers over this situation, before it is too late.
Ann Wright, Deputy Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulation, Department
of Agriculture: ph: 202-720-4256, 202-720-7813;

SAMPLE LETTER BY IDA (Kinship Circle did not write this):
Dear Representative and Senators:
I am write in regard to the dire situation involving three circus elephants,
Tina, Jewel and Queenie. New USDA inspection reports indicate that the
health of these elephants continues to deteriorate. They have lost a
combined total of nearly 2,000 pounds in less than a year.

The elephants are reportedly back in Texas, undergoing Tuberculosis testing
and veterinary analysis. Yet, inexplicably, the USDA still leaves the
elephants in the control of Will Davenport, under whose watch the elephants
have become dangerously debilitated not once, but twice in two years. During
this time, the USDA, which is supposed to enforce the AWA, has done little
more than chronicle Mr. Davenport’s repeated failures to provide adequate
veterinary care to the elephants and handle them safely and humanely.

The USDA’s refusal to act in this case, despite their own documentation of
the elephants’ declining health, is unacceptable. The USDA’s claim that it
cannot confiscate these elephants is simply not supported by the facts. As
your constituent I request that you contact the USDA, remind them they’re
empowered to save these elephants, and demand that they do so.

Many thanks for your consideration,

In Defense of Animals’ latest plea:
Unchain Tina, Jewel And Queenie From Circus Slavery

4) No Charges After Chained Dog Roasts Alive In Heat
ALERT WRITER: Laura Catterton,

David Morgan, Sheriff
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office; P.O. Box 18770; Pensacola, FL. 32523
ph: 850-436-9630; web form:

State’s Attorney, William Eddins
Office of State Attorney; 190 Governmental Center; Pensacola, FL 32501
ph: 850-595-4200; fax: 850-595-4212; Exec. Secretary:

SAMPLE LETTER BY Laura Catterton (Kinship Circle did not write this)
RE: Incident # ECSO 09CAD133681 / Officer Jason Barnes ECSO
6/20/09 (between 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM) 827 N. 61st St: Pensacola, FL 32506

Dear Sheriff Morgan,

I bring to your attention a crime that was committed in Pensacola on 6/20/09
in which no criminal charges were filed by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.
On 6/20, with a heat index of approximately 105 degrees, a chained dog died
after becoming entangled on a root, thereby making it impossible for the dog
to access water. The dog, a large Newfoundland breed with a heavy coat, had
no shelter and basically cooked to death.

According to records for the address where the dog died on 6/20 (827 N. 61st
St.), Animal Control Officer Jankowski contacted ECSO and Officer Jason
Barnes went out. The ECSO record shows no investigation, no write-up, no
animal cruelty charges filed. ACO Jankowski was forced to issue a mere
citation (Civil Infraction) with mandatory court appearance because Officer
Barnes failed to file any criminal charges.

The dog died in the arms of ACO Jankowski, who recorded: “The dog had water
but could not get to it because it was tangled on a ground stump. I took the
dog off its chain and moved him to the shade. I told the owners to get water
buckets and a hose now. One owner refused to do anything. The second owner
did help out but it was to late the dog died due to the heat.”

Under 2008 Florida Statutes (828.12 Cruelty to animals), deprivation of
“necessary sustenance or shelter” warrants misdemeanor charges. Moreover, a
person whose deliberate actions result in the “cruel death or excessive or
repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering” is guilty of a felony
of the third degree.

I sincerely hope an investigation is underway to bring criminal charges
against the owner(s). If this case doesn’t constitute animal cruelty, what
does in Escambia County? I’d appreciate any assistance in this matter.


5) A Truck Stop Is No Place For A Tiger
ALERT WRITER: Alicia Graef,

BACKGROUND: Tony the Siberian Bengal tiger sadly resides at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, LA, as an attraction for his owner Michael Sandlin.
Previously, Sandlin had violated a public ordinance that prevents people
from owning and displaying wild/exotic animals. This also kept the state’s
Wildlife and Fishery Dept. from granting him a permit to own Tony. When they gave Sandlin 30 days to find Tony a new home, he instead filed a lawsuit.

Iberville Parish Council chose to amend the ordinance to legalize keeping a
tiger, instead of enforcing their own laws. So, Tony isn’t going anywhere.

Tony’s champions, including Care2 member Sky Williamson, have joined forces
with Big Cat Rescue to move Tony to their accredited wildlife preserve…
Williamson, who stumbled upon the truck stop in 2005, says, “It took me down
to my knees. There were 15 big trucks lined up nearby, all of them running.
The smell was horrid. There was feces all over the cage.”

Sandlin has 20 years worth of USDA violations including unsanitary feeding
practices, mishandling tigers, failure to provide clean water, adequate
shelter, veterinary care…and most recently (2007), failure to clean cages
and maintain adequate sanitation.

The ordinance was amended with conditions that Sandlin improve Tony’s living
space. However, Williamson says he’s only repainted Tony’s cage… Louisiana
Wildlife and Fishery Department has not issued Sandlin a permit, so he may
keep Tony in these wretched conditions indefinitely.

TAKE ACTION: Speak up for Tony!
J. Mitchell Ourso, Iberville Parish President:

Maria Davidson, Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries:

Governor Bobby Jindal web form:

6) Taylor Swift Has A Voice — What About A Heart?
ALERT WRITER: SHARK | Showing Animals Respect and Kindness,

Chaos is created in this “Wild Horse” event, where many horses are thrust
into the rodeo arena together. The horses quickly become agitated and
terrified, as thugs jump, pull, and push on them to get on the horses’
backs. Injuries are common…such as a horse unable to rise and hauled away
by a tractor to certain death.

BACKGROUND: The 2009 Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) soon begins in Cheyenne,
Wyoming…and with it, two of the most violent and indefensible events in
rodeo — steer busting and the misnamed “wild horse race.” Well-known
country music star Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform 7/23/09 during the
2009 CFD celebration. On 7/1/09, a letter sent to Taylor Swift Entertainment
detailed the cruelty of Cheyenne and listed entertainers who have said “No!”
to  rodeos, including Carrie Underwood, the band Matchbox Twenty and Rikki
Rockett of the rock group Poison. So far, Ms. Swift has not responded.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Taylor Swift to speak against rodeo cruelty. No performer
should profit at the expense of animals brutalized, maimed, killed.

Ms. Taylor Swift, c/o Taylor Swift Entertainment
242 West Main St.; P.M.B 412
Hendersonville, TN 37075


7) Stop New Primate Breeding Lab In Puerto Rico
ALERT WRITER: British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV),
International Primate Protection League (IPPL),

BACKGROUND: Stop the building of a primate breeding facility in Guayama City
in Puerto Rico. There is already local opposition to this construction and
we want to launch an international effort to stop Puerto Rico from becoming
a major player in the cruel trade in primates for research.

Hon. Glorimari Jaime
Municipio Autonomo de Guayama
Oficina de Plan de Orden Territorial
P.O. Box 360, Guayama, Puerto Rico 00785-0360

Congressman Pedro Pierluisi
1218 Longworth HOB; Washington, DC 20515
fax: 202-225-2154; email:,
[This email may bounce:]

SAMPLE LETTER / Author Unknown (Kinship Circle did not write this):
I am concerned over recent reports of plans to build a primate breeding and
supply facility in Guayama City. I understand the project, led by the
Bioculture company, will ship long-tailed macaques and their offspring from
Mauritius for use in research. This proposal is a major step backwards at a
time when use of nonhuman primates in research is questioned by scientists,
ethicists and others worldwide.

Primates are intelligent, social animals with complex behavioral and
psychological needs. Perhaps you are unaware of their fate inside research
laboratories. These animals are subjected to extreme pain and suffering. For
example, many are used in toxicity testing which involves the forced
ingestion, inhalation or injection of poisonous chemicals. After years of
abuse, the animals are killed. Many researchers now agree that primate
experimentation is scientifically unnecessary and morally unacceptable.

I am disheartened to learn that Puerto Rico plans to to become a major
player in the supply of primates for research. Such a move will not only
result in the suffering of thousands of monkeys, it will also have a
negative and detrimental impact on Puerto Rico’s image abroad.


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