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Save San Diego Seals. Deadline: 6/22/09
ALERT WRITER: Barb Dunsmore,

Seals 1

Animal Protection and Rescue League,
Beach (the Children’s Pool) is a tiny beach in La Jolla, California that is
famous for its colony of harbor seals who rest and give birth there. The
seals’ home is now in jeopardy because swimmers sued the City of San Diego
(of which La Jolla is a part) and won a ruling in 2005 from a state court
judge ordering the city to dredge the sand on which the seals rest to return
it to its 1931 condition as a “bathing pool.” La Jolla Harbor Seals:

UPDATE, 6/15/09, City: More Time Needed To Review Seal Removal Plan
Superior Court Judge Yuri
Hoffman gave the city of San Diego a month to respond to plaintiff Valerie
O’ Sullivan’s plan to use a sprinkler system — called the Scarecrow — to
disperse a colony of harbor seals from Children’s Pool beach in La Jolla…

HELP PASS SB-428 TO LET SAN DIEGO SEALS REMAIN! SB-428 would add “marine
mammal park for the enjoyment and educational benefit of children” as an
additional and legal use to the original 1931 land grant language. The bill
has already passed the State Senate and will be voted on by the Assembly’s
Natural Resources Committee on June 22, 2009.
Ask California Legislature Assembly Natural Resources Committee
representatives TO VOTE “YES” ON SB-428. Deadline: June 22, 2009
INCLUDE SUPPORT OF SB-428 in subject line.

MAIN ADDRESS: State Capitol; P.O. Box 942849; Sacramento, CA  94249

Nancy Skinner:
fax: 1-916-319-2114; ph: 916-319-2014
Mail: Room 4126, Sacramento, 94249-0014

Julia Brownley:
fax: 1-916-319-2141; ph: 916-319-2041
Mail: Room 2163, Sacramento 94249-0041

Wesley Chesbrro:
fax: 1-916-319-2101; ph: 916-319-2001
Mail: Room 2176, Sacramento 94249-0001

Kevin de Leon:
fax 1-916-319-2145; ph: 916-319-2045
Mail: Room 2114, Sacramento, 94249-0045

Danny Gillmore:
fax: 1-916-319-2130; ph: 916-319-2030
Mail: Room 5126, Sacramento, 94249-0030

Jerry Hill:
fax: 1-916-319-2119; ph: 916-319-2019
Mail: Room 4146, Sacramento, 94249-0019

Jared Huffman:
fax: 1-916-319-2106; ph: 916-319-2006
Mail: Room 3120, Sacramento, 94249-0006

Steve Knight:
fax: 1-916-319-2136; ph: 916-319-2036
Mail: Room 2016, Sacramento, 94249-0036

Don Logue:
fax: 1-916-319-2103; ph: 916-319-2003
Mail: Room 2002, Sacramento, 94249-0003

Committe on Natural Resources:

SAMPLE LETTER / Barb Dunsmore,
(Kinship Circle did not write this):
Assembly Member _________
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849; Sacramento, CA 94249
Subject:  SUPPORT OF SB 428

Dear Assembly Member,

Senator Kehoe has sponsored a bill in the state legislature (SB 428) to
change the language of the 1931 Tidelands Grant at Casa Beach (aka
Children’s Pool) in La Jolla to include “marine mammal viewing for the
enjoyment and education of children ” as an addition to the other seven uses
named in the original deed.

I urge you to vote YES on this bill. The San Diego City Council recognized
that the language in the 1931 land grant needs to be changed to reflect
reality today. They approved a proposal by an 8-1 vote to ask the State to
consider legislation that reflects current conditions. This unique rookery
is under attack due to a State judge’s misinterpretation of the existing
land grant and focusing solely on one of the intended uses, “wading pool for
children,” while ignoring the six other intended uses. He then made an
erroneous judgment based on that misinterpretation. To date the City has not
been able to get out of this legal quagmire which could force the City to
spend millions of dollars, both for dispersing the seals and following
through on an order to dredge the beach.

Citizens of San Diego and tourists from other states and countries have been
enamored by seeing seals undisturbed in a natural setting. Not only is it
the home for 200 harbor seals who can safely give birth to their pups on the
beach, but it is also an important educational opportunity for children and
thousands of locals and tourists who come each month to enjoy learning about
the rookery and harbor seal behavior.

The City wants to avoid dispersing the seals and dredging the beach.
Visitors and local businesses recognize the importance of preserving the
rookery for environmental and economic reasons. Passage of this important
legislation would insure the protection of this beach for wildlife.

If the bill is not passed and signed into law this legislative session, the
City may be forced to implement seal dispersal and dredging. In addition to
eliminating the rookery and seals, the world would be deprived of the
wonderful treasure that has drawn visitors to San Diego. It would also upset
the ecosystem of which seals play an important role in biological diversity.

Thank you for considering a YES vote on SB-428.


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